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Aviso Wealth Management is our independent Registered Investment Advisory firm, and together with Aviso Financial, represents an RIA Hybrid architecture, which enables us to offer our clients the flexibility to choose either a fee-based or commissioned based structure. Our advisors, being dually registered with both Aviso Wealth Management and non-affiliated broker/dealer Osaic is held to a higher fiduciary standard, which aligns perfectly with Aviso’s business philosophy and value system.

The SEC requires Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) to maintain a fiduciary standard, meaning they can sell recommend products deemed to be in their clients’ best interest. (Other types of advisors can offer products which may not be in their clients’ best interest, but would be considered “suitable” to their situation.)

Because our whole business model rests on providing independent, unbiased advice to our clients, the RIA model is a clear fit for us. It also enables us to offer other benefits to those who work with us:

  • We look at your entire financial picture. With your investment style as our guide, we chart a comprehensive map toward your objectives and help you stay the course until you reach your goals.
  • We have access to the broad scope of products available across the market, which means we can tailor-fit our recommendations to your specific needs. Additionally, we manage your assets directly, not through fund managers, meaning you have immediate access to the people making decisions about your money.
  • Without an RIA, an individual’s assets may not be able to reap the benefits of block trading, which allows all our RIA clients to receive the same price on our security transactions. In addition, our recommendations are fully customized to minimize the effect of taxes on your personal wealth.
  • Individuals and institutions that invest with us appreciate our high-touch commitment to client service, which means regular reports, frequent contact, and performance accountability.