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Our Story

Aviso Financial began operations in 2013 and now has over $300 million in assets under administration with offices in Seattle, WA; Warminster, PA; Selinsgrove, PA; Augusta, ME; and Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

While Aviso is a new firm, the company’s life in concept began long ago. Its vision and leadership philosophy were born in 2002, when Joseph Perry left a successful career with Merrill Lynch and UBS Paine Webber to found his own firm, Potomac Investments, Inc. His move to independence stemmed from a desire to avoid the differences between the large Wall Street firms. The new firm, which is known today as Aviso Financial, was founded to fulfill three basic goals: provide clear, objective financial recommendations, offer the highest level of service to clients, and deliver advice in an independent environment.

During Joe’s career, he developed a proprietary research method — now known as Aviso’s Large Cap Strategy. The strategy’s strong performance and transparency served to solidify client loyalty and won him industry-wide recognition. His financial acumen, along with his reputation for high-touch client service, won him something else even more valuable — the trust of his peers. Advisors who were looking to retire often chose Joe and his team to take over their businesses and become responsible for guiding their clientele. They knew his team would provide the highest level of care for their valued clients and friends. Joe’s first significant acquisition was a firm in Scarborough, ME (now based in Augusta, ME), where his now-partner, William B. Verrill, was just beginning his career. Between 2007 and 2014, the firm acquired five additional practices and opened offices across the United States.

In 2013, Timothy MicKey, a personal friend and former colleague of Joe’s from his days at Merrill Lynch, left his own firm, Monument Wealth Management, to join Joe and Will. Tim is a nationally recognized expert, frequently quoted in the press and sought after for speaking engagements. The three partners rebranded their combined practice as Aviso Financial, LLC.